The Insectile

On 31 January 2020, my colleague Carla Swiderski and I gave a talk entitled «Kulturentomologie – Ästhetik der Vielen und das parasitäre Denken» at the University of Cologne. It was part of the cross-disciplinary workshop «The Insectile» at Internationales Kolleg Morphomata.

Our paper grappled with seven hypotheses on material metaphor, insectile invasion of body and space, zoopoetics, and the parasitical as an aesthetic principle. For the discussion of these perspectives, we proposed the term «cultural entomology».

Other contributions to the workshop included literary extinction studies (using the example of honey bee narratives), environmental humanities and «spidernautics» in and beyond terrestrial space.

Kulturentomologie, The Insectile, Universität zu Köln